A new type of living in Downtown Indianapolis.


Located in the historic Old Northside neighborhood of Downtown Indianapolis, Three 19 bridges the gap between the neighborhood’s storied past and its present cultural growth. With an array of unique floor plans to choose from, Three 19 offers luxury living in a variety of different styles - all within the heart of a growing cultural hub.


Luxury for every lifestyle.


Three 19 features twenty-three individual flats and three townhomes. Choose from one of the fourteen unique floor plansranging from one to three bedrooms. Find the floor plan below that fits your idea of luxury.


Commercial Space

2,804 Square Feet

Three 19 features over 2,800 square feet of available commercial space along 16th street. This cultural strait, known as "Tinker Street" is home to a variety of popular restaurants, bars and other retail. For commercial interest, get in touch with our team at Rubicon Capital Management.

Designed with you in mind.

Three 19 features several first-class amenities for all residents and their guests.

Secure underground parking

Bicycle storage

Fitness center

Rooftop patio overlooking the Indianapolis skyline

Secure entry access

Main level lounge

Where a historic past joins a promising future.


Three 19 is located along historic “Tinker Street,” (now 16th Street) which serves as the border between the Old Northside neighborhood to the south, and the Herron Morton neighborhood to the north. The Old Northside neighborhood is located just north of central downtown Indianapolis, with close access to local bike trails and walking distance to the city center.


The Old Northside boasts a wealth of history starting from its beginnings as a prominent residential neighborhood for the City of Indianapolis during the late 19th century. During this time, this neighborhood was the prime location for the city’s wealthy families. The neighborhood began an era of revitalization beginning in the 1960’s and received its historical designation in 1978 after adopting a plan for preserving the architecture and history of the neighborhood.

Today, the Old Northside neighborhood continues to be a major cultural hub for Indianapolis, featuring some of Indianapolis’ most renowned restaurants, bars, coffee shops and historical homes. While within walking distance from Indianapolis' city center, the neighborhood is also home to two beautiful parks, Shawn Grove Park and Great Oak Commons. The continued growth, reinvestment and development in the Old Northside neighborhood, particularly along “Tinker Street” make this location an ideal and unique place to call home.